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When Lawn Mowers Attack




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American Academy of Pediatrics critical of NMIR with override

As a consequence, the risk of injury and possible death to children from these vehicles is high but almost entirely preventable.

No Mow In Reverse

Since 1997, our law firm has successfully brought claims against the manufacturers and sellers of riding lawnmowers sold without an NMIR safety feature. In this regard, we have forced the manufacturers and sellers of these riding lawnmowers to pay money damages for the catastrophic injuries resulting from backover blade contact with a child.

NMIR Safety Standard Proposed in 2002

The following NMIR safety standard was proposed in 2002. This proposed safety standard affords children greater protection than the standard which was adopted and published in September, 2003 because it only allows an override of the NMIR safety feature for a reverse mowing cycle in reverse. The existing standard allows an override of the NMIR […]

Lawn mower backover injuries

Each year, hundreds of small children are tragically maimed by riding lawnmowers backing up with the cutting blades turning.