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When Lawn Mowers Attack




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We are committed to preventing back-over blade contact accidents and the resultant catastrophic injuries to young children. Since 1997, we have been actively involved in raising awareness of the dangers of riding lawnmowers without “No Mow In Reverse” safety devices. We believe that our efforts, as well as the efforts of our experts, have contributed to improving the safety of riding lawnmowers.

We can:

  • Travel anywhere in the United States to conduct an on-site investigation to determine if the back-over blade contact accident could have been prevented by a simple and inexpensive “No Mow In Reverse” safety device.
  • Review our investigation with certified safety professionals and engineering experts and make recommendations for appropriate action for the benefit of the child.
  • Recommend ways to assist you in your child’s medical care.
  • Retain medical doctors with special expertise in life care planning to establish the long term complications and costs associated with these catastrophic amputation injuries.
  • Retain economists with special expertise in evaluating loss of wage earning capacity of children with catastrophic amputation injuries to determine compensation for potential wage losses and other economic losses.
  • Provide you with various publications relating to riding lawnmower back-over accidents and “No Mow In Reverse” safety devices (NMIR).
  • Provide you with the names of physicians and other contacts in the medical community to assist in the evaluation, care and treatment of the child’s injuries

For any of this information please contact us.