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Trial Results

In October 2012, Mr. Chandler completed a successful 10-day product liability trial in Dallas, Texas.  The case involved a Freedom Arms 454/Casull caliber revolver which fired when it fell out of a backpack onto the ground during a hunting trip in New Mexico.  The bullet struck the client in the left hip causing life-threatening injuries and necessitating a total hip replacement.  Mr. Chandler advocated that a gun must be designed so that it cannot fire without the trigger being pulled.  In addition, Mr. Chandler advocated that the manufacturer’s and gun dealer’s warnings were not an excuse for selling a gun that can fire without the trigger being pulled.  The jury decided that the revolver was defectively designed. that the gun dealer had actual notice of the design defect, and assessed 99% of the fault to the gun dealer and only 1% of the fault to the gun owner in awarding damages totaling over $1,725,000.00.