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Lawn Mower Races

Examples of irresponsible advertising can be found throughout the media. Here is an example:

Lawn mower races bring in competitors

By Dustin Monke
Special to The Herald

Pat Beauchemin isn’t bothered by driving nearly 600 miles to New England from his hometown of Wakaw, Saskatchewan, the epitome of the “Great White North.”

He says he loves it. It’s his love of racing that has brought him from one nation to another for more than 44 years. Over the years, Beauchemin says he has raced stocks, sprints, anything and everything.

But most recently, Beauchemin has turned to the ‘grass roots’ world of lawn mower racing.

For Beauchemin and 17 other New England Lawn Mower Race participants, it was all about competing at the first sanctioned race of the year for the North Dakota Lawn Mower Racing Association, at Clyde Gullickson Memorial Sports Park.

Oddly enough for Beauchemin and his No. 18 “Lil’ Bit of Thunder” mower, his first cross-country trek of summer didn’t work out as well as he hoped it would. He failed to finish in the top three of his respective feature race and didn’t earn a trophy.

After the dust had settled in the highly contested BP Feature race, Beauchemin’s run for the winner’s circle had fallen prey to a loose spark plug, one of just many possible hazards a lawn mower racer might encounter.

Still, nothing could bring down the spirits of the man who spends his weekends doing something he simply loves, while many men his age are more likely to be found realaxing on a fishing boat.

Bauchemin simply grinned, shrugged his shoulders, looked at his mower, and humbly said, “I had a bad run.”

Bad runs are nothing new for lawn mower racers in New England.

The nature of the track and its extreme curves have contributed to accidents in the past for even the most skilled drivers. Many are forced to leave their races early, or pull into the pits permanently.

But, Shawn Wolf, the organizer of the race and one of four New England participants at this year’s race, said the racer turnout has always been good, and didn’t differ this year.

“The drivers really like that track,” Wolf said. It’s the thrill of the ride and the challenge that keeps the racers coming back year after year.